GMDE’s Presence at Energy Storage Seminar Held in August, China

GMDE will be present at the Energy Storage Seminar held at Hotel Taihu Lake in Wuxi from August 25th to 26th, 2017.  On this conference, speaker from GMDE will deliver speech about the second-life battery application in energy storage, based on what GMDE team has achieved in the past 2 years in this field. 


Energy storage is one of the essential parts for applications in peak shaving, demand side management and establishment of EV charging stations. How to lower the cost of energy storage has been the key to apply energy storage in a large scale.  The increasing battery demands from 3C & EV markets and the shortage ofmaterials Li & Co etc. have limited the possibility of a sharp decrease on the brand new lithium-ion battery. Therefore, finding a feasible and sustainable alternative is always of first priority. 

With industrial know-how and experience gained in the past 7 years, as an energy storage inverter and solution developer, GMDE has been dedicated in developing such an alternative for years. On this Seminar, we would like to announce officially that we’ve made it: a verified, cost-effective energy storage solution with second-life battery recycled from electric vehicles. In this solution, batteries are mainly sourced from EV manufacturer, battery manufacturer as well as EV operators. The system competence on price side could be as good as lead battery packs while battery performance and mechanical parameters are much better than lead battery. The main application fields will be but not limited to: peaking shaving for areas with Time of Use electricity pricing mechanism, maximizing self-use in smart Grid, Micro-Grid application with PV plus EV charging stations.  


To verify the feasibility, GMDE has developed energy storage projects with second-life EV battery packs in provinces such as Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang etc. A typical project reference could be the project“MWh energy storage solution with recycled EV battery in Liyang/Changzhou/Jiangsu”, which is carried out with 20 units of 20kW string battery inverters in series on technically and operated in PPA contracting on commercial side. This project is a case study that we’ve done to verify the application feasibility and commercialization possibility. 

At this Seminar, we’re seeking and looking forward to the opportunity to communicate with industrial professionals on the technical solutions and partnership possibilities.